What month do chipmunks have babies?

Chipmunk The chipmunk has the habit of storing food and hibernating. It usually occurs in the wild environment. Hibernation is not necessary if it is reared artificially in a warm room. Little chipmunks are currently mainly distributed in North China, Northwest China, and Northeast my country. The fur quality is good and beautiful.

Scientific name: Squirrel

Nickname: Five-spotted chipmunk, Huali stick, Striated squirrel, chipmunk

World: Animal kingdom

Order: Rodentidae: Squirrel

Origin: Northeast Asia, Hokkaido

Food: Plant-based Omnivorous

Life span: 4~6 years body

Length: 14~16cm tail length: 13cm

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Body features

The golden squirrel has a pair of big, embarrassing eyes. It feels very clever. The slender tail is close to the length of the body. As the squirrel likes to climb, it is their specialty. The distinction between male and female rats is relatively simple. It can be easily identified from the 5 unique stripes on the chipmunk.

The adult chipmunk is about 15cm in length and about 12cm in tail length. Their ancestors can be traced back millions of years ago.

As long as there are a large number of seeds and soil suitable for digging holes to protect them from many predators, they can live almost anywhere.

Nursing knowledge

The chipmunk chipmunk is a kind of squirrel, don’t take it as a rat, because we need to arrange the feeding environment for the chipmunk before feeding them. The volume of the squirrel and the mouse is very different, after all, the cage Size is the most critical piece of equipment for feeding chipmunks.

The following is a detailed description of the arrangement of the feeding environment of the chipmunk. It is necessary to prepare a higher cage. The height is more than 60cm.

It is better to choose metal cages with a gap of less than 1.2cm. Individual gold flowers in cages with a gap of more than 1.2cm can be forcibly drilled and injured. If the cage is made of wood or bamboo Easily escaped by the golden flower.

Try to avoid choosing a grid-like cage at the bottom of the cage. It is easy to catch the gold flower’s feet and even fold the gold flower. Individual gold flowers with impatience and timidity will even bite the stuck foot in panic.

At the same time, in order to avoid lack of exercise, pedals, platforms, jumping sticks, etc. should be provided in the cage to allow the squirrel to play sports. As for the swing wheel, etc., not every golden flower loves to use it, and it can be equipped as needed.

Among them, the use of plastic silent rollers as far as possible to prevent tail pinching. Small squirrels that are less than two months old before the beginning of June need to keep warm at night, especially the northern temperature. The temperature is too low and they are easy to catch a cold.

Add more mats to them at night. Change the mats in the morning and pay attention to them during the day. Air circulation. After the end of June, mice need to pay attention to heatstroke and cool down during the day. Heat stroke caused by too high temperature is also fatal to squirrels.

You can maintain indoor air circulation, put a few bottles of cold water in the cage during the day, put a tile, etc., he feels too hot and will fall on his own to cool down, these can prevent high temperature heatstroke.

The rollers are for sports and fun. There are separate ones and cages in the market. If they are separate, don’t buy iron wire. The chipmunk’s feet are easily sprained. The food bowl does not have to be purchased for the chipmunk, but can also be replaced with a small dish for human use.

Pay attention to preventing overturning. There have been cases where the food bowl has been turned to crush the young and milk rats.

Living Environment

The chipmunk is very sensitive to the smell of the surrounding environment. It is best to help them change the litter to prevent the chipmunk from feeling uncomfortable. Of course, you need to pay attention to the chipmunk when you change the litter.

The tail, but the tail of the chipmunk is easy to break, and once it is broken, it will not grow again. The chipmunks must be kept clean, but bathing is not necessary! Jinhua loves to clean, and most of the time she cleans herself.

If the owner wants to bathe Jinhua, please make sure that she has a very good relationship with Jinhua. She trusts Jinhua very much and won’t run away. . Jinhua is very afraid of water.

Taking a bath without being cooked is easy to have an accident. Even if cooked, it will scare Jinhua and cause a crisis of trust. Moreover, improper operation of the owner can also lead to the death of Jinhua drowning and choking water, and it is easy to catch a cold after washing! Don’t even use bath sand. The squirrel pores are small.

The particles of bath sand are too fine to block the pores! If you want to make sure that the chipmunks are clean, it is the last word that the owner cleans up! Clean the potty, change the litter, wooden nest, hammock, water bottle, etc. to protect the health of the golden flowers.

If you want to wash the flowers of Jinhua, you have to give Jinhua clean water. The water temperature should be 30-40 degrees warm water. If it is too cold, Jinhua will catch a cold, not to mention hot.

Feeding points

If the chipmunk wants to raise a healthy and long-lived chipmunk, not only is it a comfortable nest for them, but diet is also a key. In order to express their love for the chipmunks, more owners like to feed the food that people eat. So is such feeding desirable?

The following is a detailed explanation of the feeding points of the chipmunk.

1. The staple food chipmunk is an omnivorous animal and can eat almost anything, but the staple food is all kinds of nuts.

2. The water chipmunk does not need to drink water, if you want to drink, remember to boil the water! Be absolutely clean. Some owners give them vegetables and fruits to get water! Because they are so small, a little water is enough! They love to eat greens.

Remember to rinse the greens and dry them in the wind. Yellow sprouts and cabbage are also available! But they must be cleaned! Like tomatoes and cucumbers, apples and oranges can be eaten for them.

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