What help squirrels survive? Facts

Snow squirrel can see its economic value from the outside to the inside. Its hair can be used to make pens and brushes, meat can also be eaten, and skin can be used to make fur raw materials.

The most important thing is that the snow squirrel grows very beautiful, and its character is relatively docile and well-behaved. Many people are willing to raise it as a pet.

Scientific Name: Snow Squirrel

World: Animal Kingdom

Family: Squirrel

Species: Snow Squirrel Distribution Area

Breeding method in Eurasia: Viviparous

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Body features

Snow squirrel The snow squirrel also changes its coat color in different seasons. As a squirrel, it has a fluffy and dense tail. The limbs and front and rear feet are longer, but the forelimbs are shorter than the hind limbs. The ear shells of snow squirrels are more developed, reaching the eyes when folded forward, and a bunch of black long hairs at the ear ends in winter.

From the end of the whole body from the end of the kiss to the base of the tail, the body and the outside of the limbs are brown and gray, the hair base is gray and black, and the hair tip is brown or gray. The abdomen is from the back of the lower collar to the base of the tail, and the inside of the limbs are white.

The dorsal and ventral surfaces of the tail are brownish black, the hair base is gray, and the hair tip is brownish black. The snout, cheeks, and underside are reversed, but they are greenish-grey, the ear shells are black-gray, and the winter hair has large tufts of black hair.

Individual coat colors vary greatly, and are grayish gray, gray, brownish gray, dark gray, dark brown, etc. The color of the coat also changes with regional differences. For example, the color of the squirrel in Liaoning is gray, while the color of the squirrel in southern my country is darker.

In addition, the coat color is also affected by the season, gray or gray brown in winter, black or black brown in summer.

Living Environment

The snow squirrel is raised in the northern snow squirrel. In the cold weather season, especially at night, you need to pay attention to keep warm. The temperature is too low to make the snow squirrel cold and sick.

Add some mats to its nest before going to bed. , Remember to change in the morning, pay attention to ventilation during the day. After the end of the month, mice need to pay attention to heatstroke and cool down during the day. Heat stroke caused by too high temperature is also fatal to squirrels.

You can maintain indoor air circulation, put a few bottles of cold water in the cage during the day, put a tile, etc., he feels too hot and will fall on his own to cool down, these can prevent high temperature heatstroke.

Feeding points

Snow squirrel Snow squirrel has no special requirements on diet. The food choices can be varied without being too single. Snow squirrels like nuts like other pine trees such as walnuts, chestnuts, etc., in order to prevent rodents Growth, such food should be fed regularly. Domestic snow squirrels generally feed on the seeds of Fagaceae plants, but they also eat quite a lot of insects in nature, so it is best to feed some animal food.

If artificial feed is the staple food, additional food such as apples should be added. In summer and autumn, you can also feed food such as melons and fruits, such as cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelons.

The feeds for feeding snow squirrels are mixed feed, roughage and green and succulent feed. Mixed feed: generally composed of barley, wheat, corn, soybeans, and skin, etc., the content is 25% barley or wheat, 20% corn, 15% soybean cake, 10% soybean, 20% drum skin, 6% fish meal, 3% bone meal And 1% table salt.

Rough feed: mainly peanuts, sunflowers and walnuts. Green and juicy feed: there are cabbage, carrots, rape, mulberry leaves, and holly leaves.

The daily feeding amount of each snow squirrel is about 30 grams of mixed feed, 200-250 grams of roughage, and 150-200 grams of green and succulent feed.

Feed three times a day in the morning, middle and evening, and it is necessary to fix the feeding point every day.

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