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Top 10 Skills in Demand to learn

Although men and women are now equal, many of the jobs done by boys are still not suitable for girls. Even if girls can do it, many companies will not recruit women when they choose. And boys learning these skills have become very popular. Let’s take a look at the top ten most popular boys’ craftsmanship and boys’ professional rankings.

Top 10 most popular boys’ craftsmanship, boys’ professional ranking

1: Logistics industry

Logistics industry

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the express delivery industry is also extremely hot, and the logistics industry will not die out in the future, but will develop faster. The courier sorters we saw in the streets and alleys had a monthly salary of tens of thousands, but the courier brothers seemed to be men. Although the courier brother is one of the ten most popular boys’ craftsmanship, how tired it is is unimaginable. The logistics industry of the boys’ professional rankings can definitely make the list.

2: Geological Exploration

Geological Exploration

After going to college, in the eyes of our parents, we may be senior white-collar workers sitting in an air-conditioned room where the wind can’t blow the rain, but for the younger brother of the geology and mining majors, they are faced with on-site exploration every day. With precise instrument operation, one of the ten most popular boys’ craftsmanship now is geology exploration, because not everyone can suffer this bitterness.

 3: Chef


Learn to cook and go to New Oriental. Now as long as the boys don’t want to go to school, the parents let him go to learn the craftsmanship. The first thing that comes to mind is the chef. You can not buy clothes and you can’t eat without meals. As long as you learn well, you can find a job in any restaurant, and now Chinese food is very popular in the world, it is also possible to open a restaurant abroad. The chef is also a high-paying group, and the chef is a very good choice in the professional ranking of boys.

  4: Auto Repair

Auto repair

Now people’s living conditions are getting better and better, and every family can afford a car. At the same time, it is bringing more and more auto repair industry. The employment prospect of auto repair is very good, but the environment is dirty and the work is very tiring. So it is not suitable for girls. But the most popular boys’ top ten skills, auto repair can definitely make the list.

  5: Driving crane and forklift

Driving crane and forklift

Two days ago, the news that the take-out brother helped passers-by to drive the forklift was very hot. People said that the take-out brother seemed to be a hidden expert. Now that China is developing and building everywhere, driving cranes and forklifts is a very popular industry. But girls can’t do it, they are tanned on the construction site every day, and there is a certain degree of risk. However, in the occupation ranking of boys, only sitting on the crane is one of the high-income occupations.

  6: Barber


Go to a high-end barber shop to make a random hair, thousands of dollars, most of the work in the barber shop is male. In the past, people’s role in serving women would be very shameless, but now the barber is also a respectable profession. In addition to good skills in haircutting, this industry also needs to be able to speak. Among the ten most popular boy craftsmanship, a haircut and styling will definitely find a good job.

  7: Real Estate Sales

We look at real estate intermediary companies, most of them are boys, because it is very hard to take customers outside to see the house every day, but also to coordinate with the owner and tenant, and also test people’s ability to speak. The effort is directly proportional, so the ranking of boys’ occupations, real estate sales is now a career that boys are willing to choose.

  8: Programmer


The Internet industry has affected all major traditional industries, and colleagues also need a large number of talents. The largest group is programmers. Every year on the Double Eleventh, Alibaba programmers are sleepless all night, fearing that the server will crash. Although programmers earn income High, but they require high logical thinking skills, and need to sit in front of the computer day and night. Many girls can’t stand it for their skin, but the most popular boys’ top ten skills, programmers are still very popular.

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  9: Designer


Designers are also more popular in the men’s professional rankings. Designers can be done by boys and girls, but the mental tolerance of boys is stronger. Designers are generally Party B. Party A lets you revise the manuscript. Many girls may find it unbearable, but they may be able to withstand the pressure.

  10: Photographer

World’s entertainment industry is developing too fast. A large amount of capital is invested every year, especially in film and television production.

There are more and more online dramas, and more and more photographers are needed. They carry cameras and run with others all day. Girls generally do not keep up with their physical strength, but in the professional ranking of boys, photographers are very face-saving and highly paid occupations.


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