How to make Tomato and Egg Noodles Dish

Combining my own experience of eating tomato eggs for many years, and the small tips of various households boiled tomato eggs.


tomato 1-2
White sugar 2 grams
egg 2 pcs
shallot 2 pieces
garlic Quarter petal
salt 5-10 grams
noodles 1 serving
Black pepper 5-10g
Cooking oil 10-15 grams
soy sauce 2g


  1. The raw materials are as above, the scallion and garlic must be finely minced, the eggs are scattered, and the tomatoes are peeled and dice. If possible, the eggs can be beaten with a whisk until slightly foamed, so that they will be fluffy when they are fried. Chop green onion and set asid.

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2. First, we heat the pan (Wang Gang’s tone), 10ml of oil, heat the pan with hot oil (80 to 90% hot oil) to lay the eggs, and wait for 5-10 seconds at the bottom to fry the bottom after setting the shape, and then stir it after the golden brown. Then remove the pot and install it.

3. Add 5ml of oil, stir-fry the chopped green onion and minced garlic. After smelling the aroma, add the tomatoes (this step is very fast so there is no picture). The order is minced green onion-minced garlic-tomato, because the water content of minced onion is more than that of minced garlic. So first cook for 2-3 seconds, quickly stir-fry the chopped green onions and then add the minced garlic. When you smell the aroma, add the tomatoes immediately, otherwise it will be mushy.

4. Stir-fry the tomatoes until the juice is soft, and cook for a while, until the tomato juice slurps.

5. Lay the eggs and let the fluffy eggs soak up the tomato juice.

6. Add water to boil the noodles (because I am lazy, I don’t have to cook the noodles and top it on hahahahahaha)

7. Add salt and black pepper as you taste, adding to your liking. White sugar is also added at this moment, don’t add too much by hand slipping! 1-2g is fine, no sweetness is needed, we just need sugar to make the soup more mellow and delicious. In fact, it is right not to taste sweetness.

8. Add two or three drops of light soy sauce and stir well, very little, just take a little bit of umami, add chopped green onion and turn off the heat for 2-3 seconds.


1. Before adding soup and cooking noodles, you can also add salt and black pepper directly, adjust the flavor, and pour it on the rice to make a rice bowl.

2. The oil for fried eggs is best if it is chicken fat! Grain lard comes next, and vegetable oil comes next.

3. The minced garlic and the white granulated sugar are the effect of freshness, don’t use too much, chop finely, you can’t feel their presence when you actually eat the noodles, but it just makes the taste richer.

4. Be sure to use natural ripe organic tomatoes! Otherwise, that’s not the case at all! Now a lot of ripened tomatoes are too much to eat! It’s hard to buy naturally ripened super fragrant tomatoes, and you can use ordinary ripening tomatoes + the spaghetti tomato sauce.

5. Some friends in the pots reacted to the problems such as the direct cooking underneath it is too thick and the paste is not cooked properly. There are reasons for the lack of water, no lid, and noodles. Dried noodles are better to cook than live noodles, and the soup should be clear. And I didn’t divide the pot because I was lazy. Diligent friends can cook a pot of noodles and then add the sauce.

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