Spicy Beef Yolk Dumpling | Recipe | Food | Method

Every year is approaching the Dragon Boat Festival, there are various kinds of dumplings on the market, in addition to the battle between sweet and salty, delicious and spicy, I also have several delicious spicy dumplings this year ~eating dumplings do not like fatty meat I chose super tender beef tenderloin this time, although it is pure lean meat, but it’s salted egg yolk with quicksand and oil, it will not dry at all, slightly spicy, and slightly hemp. Roast duck with fish


Glutinous rice
Round glutinous rice
10 grams
soy sauce
15 grams
5 grams

Beef part

Beef tenderloin
Duoli small squeezed thick coriander seed oil
soy sauce
10 grams
5 grams
5 grams
pepper powder
1 g
Salted Egg Yolk
40 tablets

Spicy beef egg yolk dumplings

First prepare the ingredients to be used. The used Duoli small squeezed coriander seed oil is a three-grade quality grade, with good quality oil and balanced nutrition.

You can use round grains or long grains for glutinous rice. Here you can choose as you like. But I don’t recommend soaking glutinous rice for a long time. Generally speaking, it is enough to wash it clean. If you like to eat rice dumplings with distinct grains and less firm and soft glutinous taste, you can soak them for one night before using.

The glutinous rice must be drained thoroughly, and then poured into the seasoning of the glutinous rice to season.

Mix well, the mixed rice can be used directly, if not in a hurry, it can also be refrigerated overnight.

The chili powder, pepper powder, and salt of the beef part are poured into a bowl. The spiciness here will be different because of the different varieties. I used the erring pepper powder, but it is not particularly spicy, it is more fragrant.

In a small pot, pour Duoli small squeezed strong coriander seed oil, this oil inherits the small squeezing process to retain the strong flavor, and at the same time is rich in more than 51% oleic acid and natural vitamin E, hospholipase and other nutrients, Very suitable for home use.

Open the fire until the oil is slightly smoked, do not overheat it, it is easy to burn paprika.

Then pour the oil into the prepared paprika, pepper powder and salt, stir well and let cool to spare. This step is to use the oil to stimulate the fragrance of chili, which is more fragrant than the chili powder mixed directly with dried ~ and rapeseed oil has a unique flavor, which is better than ordinary vegetable oil.

Fresh beef tenderloin cut into small pieces.

Add chilled chili oil.

Then add the old soy sauce and soy sauce to mix well, pickle for about 1 hour, you can also prepare one night in advance.

Fresh zongzi leaves can be washed clean. If it is dry zongzi leaves, it should be soaked one night in advance, and then boiled in boiling water, it will not break easily.

Ready fresh salted egg yolk.

Next is the dumplings. The hard tips at the ends of the dumplings are cut off, and then folded from the 1/3 position on the left to form a funnel shape. Generally speaking, the light side is facing inwards, because the light side is a little scratchy

Fill a small amount of glutinous rice, put 2-3 pieces of marinated beef and a salted duck egg yolk, and then spread a layer of glutinous rice, leave a little space for glutinous rice, do not fill it too much, and then fold the zongzi from bottom to top.

After wrapping tightly, the extra sharp corners are folded to the side.

Tighten it with cotton thread again, don’t tighten too much, the dumplings will swell when cooking, and don’t be too loose, otherwise it will leak rice when cooking.

The wrapped dumplings can be cooked in a pressure cooker, and those without a pressure cooker can use an enamel pot like me.

Pour the boiling water without the dumplings and add a little salt to make the dumplings cooked more delicious.

After boiling and boiling, continue to close the lid and cook for about 2 and a half hours. The time here is determined by the number of dumplings you cook and the size of the dumplings. Add water in time during the cooking process, and the dumplings must be mixed to ensure that they are cooked.

There is no glutinous rice that has been soaked for a long time.

The salty egg yolk from the sand and the oil is paired with the lean skinny beef tenderloin, with a slight spicy taste, it tastes delicious and salty.

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