Home Recipes Roast duck with fish and Sauerkraut

Roast duck with fish and Sauerkraut

Roast duck with fish and Sauerkraut


  1. Female duck 1365.8g
  2. Fish sauerkraut 800 grams
  3. Ginger 30g
  4. Red pepper 3.5g
  5. Zanthoxylum bungeanum 3.5g
  6. Vegetable oil 350g
  7. Pure water 1700 grams
  8. Dried red pepper 15.55g

Detailed steps of the practice of roasting duck with fish and sauerkraut
Step 1

Take fresh female ducks, slaughter, pluck hair, wash, water control to take dry orange tree, light fire, burn duck body pi lose, wash, water control to take knife, cut open the abdomen of the duck, remove offal and duck Warping, washing, water control to
get green and red pepper to get dry red pepper, breaking section to take ginger, washing, water control, slicing and pickling, washing, water control, cutting.

Step 2

Take the female duck, chop the small pieces, wash it, control the water to
take the pot, take the duck block and ginger piece to take the pot, cover the pot mouth, lift your hands, and shake up and down for ten minutes until the slurry

Step 3

Take the pot·shovel·vegetable oil, put it on the stove, heat it up to the highest level of fire and take the dried red pepper segments·pepper and saute.

Step 4

Take the sauerkraut segment, saute the duck pieces, stir fry until they change color and shrink.

Step 5

Take pure water, drown the duck until it reaches the next knuckle along the pot, cover, boil over high heat, simmer for two hours on medium-low heat to install the plate. Spicy Beef Yolk Dumpling

Tips for making duck with fish and sauerkraut

All the kitchen tools need to be clean and dry. The sauerkraut must be washed to remove excess salt, otherwise it will be too salty. I like chewy. If I choose a four-year-old duck, I like the soft rotten point and choose the March tender duck.


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