Ram Rabbit Breeds taking Care Explained

Ram Rabbit’s ears are drooping like lop rabbits, so some people call it lop rabbits. The difference between ram rabbits and pet lop rabbits is that ram rabbits are a kind of meat Use rabbit breeds, that is to say, this is a breed for breeding farms.

Scientific name: Ram rabbit

Nickname: lop-eared rabbit

Source: ram rabbit native to North Africa, later passed down After entering France, Belgium and the Netherlands, it also has a long history of cultivation in the United Kingdom and Germany.

Life habits: Rams have the characteristics of docile temperament, unresponsiveness, like to be dry and clean, afraid of heat and cold, and nibbling hard objects.

Production performance: The ram rabbit has excellent meat quality, is a kind of meat with high protein, low fat and low cholesterol. It has a delicate texture and tastes tender and mellow. In addition, the lean meat rate of ram rabbits can reach more than 82%.

Body features

Ram rabbit has a huge body, the color of the fur is not fixed, and no matter what color the ram rabbit can’t avoid the hair, the appearance of the ram rabbit looks like a ram, the reproduction rate is low but the slaughter rate And the meat production rate is relatively high, which is a breed of meat rabbits worth raising.

The appearance and characteristics of the ram rabbit The ram rabbit has a huge body, which can be regarded as the strong man in the rabbit. It is strong and well-proportioned, and it has a certain return rate! Ram rabbits are mostly yellow-brown in coat color, with large and drooping ears, thick, short and wide heads, and a slight protrusion at the forehead and nose, resembling a ram, with full buttocks and strong limbs.

The male rabbit looks very sturdy. It has a thick neck, and the adult male rabbit weighs 5-8 kg; the female rabbit appears to be gentle and gentle. It has sarcoma under its neck and more than 5 pairs of nipples. They are neatly and evenly arranged. The adult female rabbit weighs about 5~7 kg.

How to take Care of Ram Rabbit

Ram rabbits are a favorite species of farmers, many times people like to breed and raise themselves, so the breeding method of ram rabbits should start from the stage of young rabbits, how to breed from the stage of young rabbits When it comes to health, there are many aspects.

Management of ram rabbits and rabbits The temperature regulation ability of the rabbits is poor, the digestive system is not well developed, and it is easy to die from freezing. During this period, let the rabbits eat enough colostrum to enhance digestive function and disease resistance. After opening the eyes, the baby rabbit grows quickly, and breast milk can no longer meet the needs of the baby rabbit.

At this time, feeding should be started. The full-price baby rabbit feed with good habitability and comprehensive nutrition can be used to start attracting and feeding. Ram rabbits are generally weaned at 20 to 30 days of age.

Living Environment

The most important point in the preparation of the Ram Rabbit Farm is site selection and internal construction of the plant. The layout of the field can have the following suggestions.

1. Design of the Ram Bunny Farm The rabbit farm should be built in a leeward, sunny, dry, ventilated place with high terrain, good drainage, easy to organize epidemic prevention, and good lighting conditions. The rabbit farm should be built in the downwind direction of the residential area, and there should be no large-scale chemical, leather or other pollution sources of livestock farms within 500 meters. In addition, because the ram rabbit is timid, the rabbit farm should be away from noise sources such as railways.

2. The design of the ram bunny rabbit house The design of the rabbit house should be based on the local climatic conditions, and the direction is generally north-south.

Feeding points

Ram rabbits do not have high requirements for food, even rough feed without nutrients is not rejected by the visitors, but the reproduction rate of ram rabbits is low, so it is necessary to do maintenance work during pregnancy , Especially nutritional issues during pregnancy.

The feeding of ram rabbits is required to ensure the supply of high-quality feed, so that the ram rabbits have a strong body, not only high meat production, but also good meat quality.

Therefore, feeding ram rabbits, in addition to green fodder, must also be fed with concentrated feed and trace elements, so as to achieve diversification of feed. Commonly used green fodder are carrots, vegetable leaves and various wild grasses.

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