Pan Fried Bun Recipe | Ingredients List | Complete Guide

Mos is a special eaten and cooked snack popular recipe famous in th world. It is said that it was a side-operated variety of Shanghai tea houses more than 100 years ago. Later, it came out of the tea house and became a famous street snack. Shanghai Shengjianbao has a deep and delicious skin and crispy sauce, and a bite of the unique taste that the meaty, oily, onion and sesame aromas are intertwined in the mouth for a long time.

Therefore, it has been published by the world famous magazine together with “Sichuan Spicy Hot Pot”. “Forbes” voted as: the world’s most exciting and unique “must-eat” cuisine, only these two types of cuisine were elected in the country, and the popularity can be seen at a glance.

It’s not only clean, hygienic and delicious, but also more economical. It can also be quick-frozen in the refrigerator, and you can take it out when you want to eat.

Ingredients List

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How to make fried dumplings

  • Prepare the ingredients.
  • Pour the flour and yeast into the bread machine, stir into a succulent shape while adding water, then start the kneading program, and end the fermentation with plastic wrap to double the size.
  • While the bread maker is kneading the noodles, wash the pork and chop the pork with green onion and ginger with a knife.
  • Add cooking wine, light soy sauce, salt, sugar and eggs in a small basin.
  • Use chopsticks to mix in one direction while adding an appropriate amount of water (with broth and skin jelly for better effect), until it is thick and vigorous.
  • Take out the fermented dough and knead it again until it is smooth.
  • Then rub the long strips and divide them into small doses.
  • Take a small dose of dough and roll it into a round piece, and place it on an appropriate amount of meat.
  • Pinch the pleats and wrap them into small buns.
  • After wrapping everything up, cover with plastic wrap and leave it for about 20 minutes.
  • Pour the cooking oil into the pan after heating up, and then put the bun embryos.
  • Fry on medium high heat until there is some crust on the bottom.
  • Then add a quarter of the amount of water that is less than the steamed bun.
  • Cover and fry on medium-high heat until the water in the pan is dry and the buns are cooked through.
  • How to make fried dumplings: 15 15 Finally, sprinkle with chives and black sesame seeds to enhance the color and fragrance, and eat it while it is hot. It is really fragrant and delicious.


1. The filling is determined according to your own preference.
2. The amount of water can be more than the bottom of the bun.
3. Pour along the side of the pot when adding water. Do not pour the water directly on the bun skin, otherwise it will affect the taste of the bun

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