How to Make Healthy Coconut Milk

Some friends often ask whether coconut water and coconut water are the same thing, or are they the same taste? Coconut water is not coconut water. Coconut water is the juice squeezed from coconut meat; it’s milky white, just the same color as a jar sold in the supermarket.

You can drink it directly and make desserts. Coconut water is also called coconut green, which contains coconut meat. The clear water, with its own fragrance and refreshing sweetness, can be drunk as soon as the coconut is opened, and it can also be used to make soup! Especially suitable for summer and autumn!

Today we are talking about coconut milk, which is the coconut milk we squeezed! Supermarkets are not too expensive, about 3 yuan a can, but the same concentration, homemade, only about 1 yuan, and no additives! But healthy. Spicy

  1. Peel off the hard shell of the coconut and use a knife to peel off the brown skin on the outside of the coconut meat.
  2. Rinse off
  3. Cut into corn-sized grains. This is for the sake of the cooking machine. If your cooking machine is very powerful, you can throw it in the whole piece, but it is not recommended. The coconut meat is really hard. It would be better if you have a man at home.
  4. Pour the cut coconut meat into the food processor 4 times, add the same amount of coconut meat or more or less cold water, you can add it as light or thick as you like, add half a coconut meat to a large bowl Water, the coconut milk is still very sweet and sweet!
  5. Pour the beaten coconut milk into a soy milk bag, and the coconut milk comes out of the pot. I made almost a small pot in total.
  6. If you like hot, you can heat it over a small fire, and if you like cold, you can add ice cubes to drink it! It’s all top-notch!

Actually produced: Coconut paste

  1. Filter the pureed coconut according to the method of making coconut milk above, pour it into the baking tray
  2. Pick out some coarse and unbroken coconut meat, spread them on a large plate, and place them in a ventilated place to air dry, but not too much wind, so that the dried layer on top will be blown away.
  3. These coconut pastes were made two weeks ago. At that time, because of the typhoon, I dared not put it on the balcony. I had to use the oven and turn it on at 70-80 degrees. The upper and lower fires were heated and the air was circulated for 4-5 hours. Let’s let the coconut paste on the surface come to the surface. It’s easier to dry out. I baked three dishes and used it for a whole day.
  4. If you can’t finish drinking the coconut water, you can put it in a fresh-keeping box and put it in the refrigerator. After a few hours, the layer will be obvious. It is best to refrigerate for one day, so that the upper layer is hardened under the car. Take it out, it’s coconut cream, which can be used to make curry dishes, make sago, and make pastries. They are super rich and mellow!

Cooking Skills

1. When filtering coconut milk, you should squeeze out the water as much as possible. The drier you squeeze, the easier it is to dry the coconut. If you don’t squeeze it dry enough, you may need to bake it.

2. If you use the oven to dry the coconut, do not set the temperature too high, or the color of the coconut will be yellow! The volume will shrink!

3. Coconut paste can be stored in the freezer of the refrigerator for up to one week, so don’t be greedy.

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