Indonesian Tiger Fish care Growth Characteristics

Indonesian tiger fish The biggest feature of Indonesian tiger fish is that they are nocturnal fish. They rest during the day, and they start to forage and move at night.
It is also because the Indonesian tiger fish is a nocturnal animal, so the appreciation of Indonesian tiger fish is relatively poor, and there are not many fish friends.

The black stripes of the Indonesian tiger fish are unstable and black, and even more so that the stripes cannot be found.

Scientific Name: Indonesian Tiger Fish

Body Weight Size

Indonesian tiger fish Many aquarists found that they were nocturnal tigers after raising the Indonesian tiger fish. They like to hide during the day and lose their ornamental value. In fact, the body color of Indonesian tiger fish is also their protective color, and their black lines will be unstable and black.

The Indonesian tiger is slender, and the ratio of length to height is far from that of the Thai tiger. The vast majority of Indonesian medium lines are relatively straight from the dorsal fin to the abdomen, but there are also a few exotic scimitar tigers. The condition of the Indonesian tiger is mostly unstable and black.

It is easy to change. Indonesia can be black until you can’t find the pattern. The middle pattern of the Indonesian tail is ring-tailed. Ink pad tail pattern 3 patterns, multi-pattern, three tail patterns.

Living Environment

Indonesian tiger fish Indonesian tiger fish is a nocturnal tiger, and it is precisely because of this habit that the ornamentation of Indonesian tiger fish is greatly reduced.

In fact, there are some small ways to domesticate the habits and body color of Indonesian tiger fish nocturnal, as long as you want to start breeding, so that Indonesian tiger fish can adapt to the environment, you can change the habit of nocturnal.

Raising in the bare tank, there is no place to hide. At first, I was afraid, but I wasn’t afraid at all. Turn on the lights and feed. People stand there to watch them eat. Don’t feed too much, they can eat up.

Some tigers want to wait for people to leave and turn off the lights before they come out to eat. If there is no way, I let them realize that you have to go hungry when you are hiding. Don’t put anything black in the tank, the protective color is to imitate the surrounding color, and naturally develop a habit after a long time.


Indonesian tiger fish The suitable water temperature for Indonesian tiger fish is 28℃. At artificial temperature, the Indonesian tiger fish will eat better at this temperature. Due to the large mouth of Indonesian tiger fish, the hunting scene of Indonesian tiger fish is also very attractive.

Indonesian tiger fish is a large pure predatory fish. It likes fresh bait, fish, shrimp and loach, which are very favorite foods for tiger fish. After training bait, Indonesian tiger fish can adapt to some artificial feed, such as beef, bread worm, insect, fish block, hamburger, etc.

If feeding live food, it is recommended to wash and check in advance to see if the feed is contaminated.

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