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How to Make Money on Youtube 2020

YouTube has not yet made money? But this doesn’t mean that you can’t make money from video sharing sites. Today I will introduce you to a method of making money with YouTube. In order to make it easier for you than ordinary users to make money with YouTube, we have created an operation guide for you. But using YouTube to make money is not easy. It takes enough time, patience and luck to get any income.

Before picking up the camera…

Remember, the following works will not bring you income…

  • Contains videos that were not created by yourself or used without the author’s consent.
  • Display videos that are not authorized by the person being filmed.
  • Videos unsuitable for children.

How to make money through YouTube, the following steps can be used as a reference:

Step 1: Make a very good video

• Prepare a camera;

• Record videos of puppies, kittens and anything else, the principle is that this video can cause a sensation;

• Edit your original material into short, noteworthy videos.

Step 2: Upload your video to YouTube

While waiting for the video to be uploaded, give your work an attractive, simple, and easy-to-search title. For example, “Charlie bit my finger”, “Sneezing Panda” and “David after seeing the dentist”, this is the legendary viral video, they often have a self-evident and casual headline.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1 and 2

The biggest difference between YouTube partners and ordinary YouTube users is that the former knows how to distribute and promote their own videos to maximize the ratings of their works. If you want to be a YouTube partner, you must “upload videos regularly and have thousands of viewers.” Therefore, stick to making videos and distribute them on social networks and media.

Step 4: Check your inbox

If one of your videos is doing well, you will receive an email from YouTube: “Apply for revenue sharing (video title) for your video.” However, if approved, you can only specify from the mail system Earn income from their video works.

Step 4: Apply to become a YouTube partner

If you think you have enough uploaded videos and ratings, you can directly apply to become a partner on the YouTube Partnership Program page. Once approved, all of your videos that meet the standard will be revenue-shared, and you can also rent your videos.

Step 5: Start the application process

Read the YouTube Partner Program tutorial and carefully confirm that you have not violated any of its rules.

Note: If your application is rejected…

“…You will not be able to apply again within two months.

Step 6: Create an account with Google Advertising Alliance

Once you review the operation guide, you need to link a Google Advertising Alliance account to your YouTube account. This is the payment method provided by Google/YouTube for your videos.

Note: Only when the amount reaches 100 USD, YouTube will pay you.

Step 7: Stay patient

YouTube may take two weeks to evaluate your video.

Step 8:  Start generating income!

If YouTube rejects your application, obviously you don’t have to follow these steps. It takes another two months to apply again, so continue to do your video.

If you follow these steps, then you will most likely get into gold daily!

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