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How to Make Money from Website/Blog

1: The information collected by the station must be different

Do not always go to some famous stations to collect information. Other people have read the information for a long time. There are no new ideas. Many do it. Some webmasters especially like to go to the webmaster station to collect information.

In fact, it is not necessary. Just choose a little. Well, some of them are exactly the same as him. You can do whatever you want. That is definitely not going to develop.

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I don’t usually go there to collect data. I go to forums and other people. Knowing the collection of small stations, the effect of this will make the people who come to your station feel that your station is really different from others. Only then can your station develop.

2: You should have your own original work

If you want to grow a station, you should write something yourself. Don’t know to collect other people’s information all year round. You need to write more, but you can’t write it. You can write one article a month, and write as much as you can. What you should pay attention to is: it is best to write the same topic from different directions for several days in a row. If you are reprinted in this way, there will be more opportunities for discussion. If you have more discussions and more reprints, your station will become famous.

3: Stand famous

Learn to quarrel. Celebrities want to be famous, they need to get a little lace, He is a rogue, whether he is a rogue or not, one thing is for sure, he is very noisy.

4: Learn to Search Engine Optimization

Which is SEO every day. SEO is actually not a particularly advanced knowledge. Many websites have special articles to discuss. You can go to the website operation section of the web bar. In addition, many stations of old ghosts, and some stone stations.

They are very good. There is an optimization that may not be mentioned in many articles. I will talk about it based on my own experience: If you want a keyword to be included in a search engine, you can make the word appear on your site multiple times, and it’s bolder than normal. The word is much larger.

5: Let the Website make money

To develop a website, only interest is not enough, but also let the station make money for you, how to make money? There are several better methods. One is to choose to sell some products related to the content of your website. For example, if you are a webmaster, you can sell a host to sell a domain name. The second is to do some affiliate advertising. You can place some famous advertisements for advertising alliances.

Can guarantee that your money can reach your account. The third is to do monthly advertising, if your traffic is large enough. Money first is the most reliable. My station has only been doing monthly advertising, and I feel that I have got the money first.


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