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How to Earn and Receive money From Fiverr Explained in Details

Recently, through a few days of learning, I feel that my thinking has been cleared up a lot. Sometimes one more question and one more step of practicing your world will be completely different.

I wanted to finish the basics at one time, but some friends who read the article consulted me about some detailed questions. I also have more contacts in this field, so add I feel that the time of the day is really not enough.

Everything is difficult at the beginning, nothing can be achieved without work, but I also believe that diligence can make up for it.

As I said before, this is the era of the Internet, and it is also a very good era for us, because we are easier than any era to obtain the knowledge we want. Thanks to this era, to the creators of those knowledge.

Well, let’s get back to the topic.

In Fiverr, we need to form a closed loop to make money. The issue of payment is what we must know. In fact, why is this platform promoting so many people now, not just the creators publish tasks and find objects in need. , And then earn service fees, more people in the alliance are promoting it to earn commissions.

fiverr earning

This must talk about the domestic and foreign Internet earning, I will write about this follow-up, no matter how to study.

Fiverr Levels

Fiveer sellers are divided into three levels: New sellers, Level 1 Sellers, Level 2 sellers, Top Rated Seller; sellers with the highest evaluation and service volume, and different levels have different services.

Understanding Fiverr Levels and Gig Extras | Flaming Hot Marketing

New sellers can only publish 7 effective gigs, and can only launch a maximum of 325 ¥ customized offers, while first-level sellers are allowed to publish 15 valid gigs, and can launch customized offers up to 1500 ¥. Seeing whether you want to become a first-class seller immediately, this requires time and ability, but it is not something that cannot be reached.

If you really want to earn your first pot of gold on the platform, then you have to complete a large number of sales as soon as possible to complete a large number of orders. With the sales volume, you will get more evaluation; The faster, the faster the upgrade, and then get a better return, thereby improving your ranking, which will form a virtuous circle.

Therefore, if you want to make money through Fiverr, you have to step up. Therefore, we must understand the operating rules of the platform, and must be quite familiar with it.

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For many friends who have no experience in online earning, the best teacher is to read more articles and read books. For a new platform and new field, you must constantly ask questions. Only when you raise questions and solve problems will your ability be. Continuous improvement.

A person’s knowledge reserve and skill strength determine how much money and speed to make money, so we will always be a student to learn any new kind of things. We can only go further from the beginning.

There are three main payment methods for Fiverr today:

  • Bank transfer
  • Payoneer
  • Paypal

Bank transfer is generally a relatively large amount, and it is related to the bank. The operation is more troublesome. I have not operated it at present, so I do not recommend it.


Paypal is generally used for foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce, and the main payment method for foreign net earning. Previously in foreign trade companies, customers used this more. However, its procedures are relatively high, and it is not possible to directly transfer domestic cards, which is a bit unacceptable for us to earn part-time jobs online.

Paypal payers do not have a handling fee, the handling fee is deducted from the payee, the handling fee of each country account is different, and the currency payment is paid when the payee clicks to receive and transfer to another currency There will be a 2.5% exchange rate loss.

Handling fee plus exchange rate conversion loss, so pay pal is not recommended.

For a small white net earning, I think the most suitable way to find myself in the shortest time is the most important. There are three ways for me to promote payoneer. This is also the article I read a lot of great gods. They also use payoneer as the main payment method. .

Introduction to Payoneer

Payoneer was established in New York, USA in 2005. It is the issuing bank of the MasterCard® prepaid card and holds the MSB (MoneyService Business) license issued by the US FinCEN (US Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency) and the European E-Money License. The main business is Helping partner companies to distribute funds to the world, especially focusing on the distribution model with a small amount of single funds but a wide customer base, and also providing global customers with US bank/European bank collection accounts, which is convenient, safe and systematic Send and receive trade payments from European and American e-commerce platforms and companies, as well as freelance commissions from online earning platforms.

How to Make Money in Pakistan by Creating Payoneer Account

As long as you apply for a US Payoneer MasterCard prepaid card for free , a virtual US bank account will be bound at the same time -with a US bank account , you can not only withdraw from PayPal for free, but also receive many foreign cross-border electricity through the US ACH/Direct Deposit Payments from merchant platforms and online earning alliances, such as common Amazon seller platforms, LAZADA, WISH, Amazon Affiliate, ClickBank, CJ, etc., can generally be received within 2 days (funds enter Payoneer through the US ACH transfer channel); with Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard , you can also swipe your card at any POS in the world that accepts MasterCard (MasterCard®), shop online, withdraw local currency at an automated teller machine (ATM), and the money in the P card can also be transferred directly To the domestic bank.

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In short, with the payoneer card, we can withdraw free of charge from the paypal card, and the money in it can also be directly transferred to domestic banks. What we do part-time for online earning is just how easy it is to get money, so it is right to choose the payoneer card first.

Now that we know the main payment methods, let’s start registering the first card that belongs to our payoneer.

The specific steps for registration will be discussed in the next article. When it comes to practical operations, they should be very specific, otherwise a lot of time will be wasted.


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