How much is a Pure white chinchilla?

Pure White My Neighbor Totoro Pure white My Neighbor Totoro, also known as velvet mouse, is mainly distributed in the Andean mountains of South America.

Pure white chinchilla is a kind of chinchilla, like dry and cool environment.

Pure white chinchillas like to go out day and night, they don’t like strong direct sunlight, and the pure white chinchillas with gentle temperament are also very timid.

Scientific name: Pure white chinchilla

Boundary: Animal kingdom Door: Chord animal door Sub-door: Vertebrate sub-door

Body features

Pure White Totoro The body color of pure white Totoro is pure white, and its habits and personality are the same as those of Totoro. The shape of Totoro is very cute and very popular with humans. The pure white Totoro is more expensive due to its unique coat color.

The weight of a pure white chinchilla is male 400-500g/female 450-800g; body length is 20-25cm; tail length is 7-15cm.

The appearance of the velvet mouse is very similar to the rabbit and the squirrel. The long-tailed species and the short-tailed species are small and fat, with a head like a rabbit and a tail like a squirrel.

The velvet mouse has large and bright eyes, and many beards of different lengths on the side of the nose, which are sensitive to touch. Pure white chinchillas have large, thin ears and blunt round shapes. Forelegs are short, with 5 toes, and hind legs are strong, with 4 toes, good at jumping.

Living Environment

Pure white chinchillas The breeding of pure white chinchillas can refer to the breeding of chinchillas. Artificial feeding of pure white chinchillas needs to be considered from its habits.

Because pure white chinchillas are nocturnal animals and like a cool and dry environment, it is appropriate to artificially raise pure white chinchillas at 5-25 degrees Celsius. Pure white chinchillas need a certain amount of space for their activities to stretch.

If the cage is too small, it may cause them to feel oppressive and nervous and cause undesirable symptoms (such as bite hair). According to the data in the guidelines of the Hong Kong Agriculture and Fisheries Department on raising pure white chinchillas, the recommended length and width of a cage for raising a pure white chinchilla is 34×42 cm, and the recommended length and width of a cage for raising two pure white chinchillas is 42 ×60 cm, the length and width of more than three are recommended to be 52×70 cm, and the height of the cage should be about 50 cm, but in principle it is not recommended to keep three pure white chinchillas in the same cage, pure white dragon of the same gender Cats should not be kept in the same cage until they are sure they can live in harmony to prevent them from fighting because of “fight over territory”.

Feeding points

Pure white chinchillas There are certain taboos for feeding pure white chinchillas, especially human food, try not to give pure white chinchillas as much as possible. Pure white chinchillas in the wild mainly feed on herbs, cacti, hay and seeds.

So, what foods should be fed to artificial white chinchillas? Sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds, raisins, preserved fruits and other snacks are all pure white chinchillas like to eat. However, there are many diseases caused by these snacks.

For example, sunflower seeds and peanuts are rich in fat. The digestive system of pure white chinchillas has limited ability to digest and decompose fats, which can easily cause slow intestinal peristalsis, leading to constipation and even intestinal obstruction.

The various dried fruits and dried fruits contain a lot of sugar, which can also cause disorders of the digestive system of pure white chinchillas and cause diseases. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose such foods to feed pure white chinchillas.

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