Hawthorn Cake with Red Fruit Full Recipe Ingredients list

Time for Man Ma and Hawthorn to “fight” again. At this time of the year, relatives will give me a lot of Hawthorn I picked, and then I will process it into delicacies~

Many hawthorn cakes bought outside are Added gel or custard powder and so on. In fact, as long as you boil it for long enough, you can make a good hawthorn cake without any additives.”

Ingredients list

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How to make red fruit haw cake

  • Pick the hawthorn, soak it in salt water for half an hour, and wash it off.
    Cut in the middle, remove the nucleus and the pedicle.
  • Add water and cook for about 10 minutes, too lazy to squeeze the lemon juice, put two slices of lemon directly.
  • The boiled hawthorn and hawthorn water are left alone, and you can put some rock sugar to drink to help digestion (drinking in small amounts, too acid will easily stimulate the stomach).
  • Add the wall breaker to make the fruit mud (do not add water)
  • Pour into the pot, it is best not to use an iron pot, it will easily turn black.
  • Pour in rock sugar, simmer on low heat, keep stirring, don’t muddle the bottom.After it becomes thick, you can taste it and add white sugar if it feels sour.
  • Be patient, boil slowly, and be sure to have a low heat, otherwise it will be bitter. It has been boiled until it can’t be hung upside down.
  • Prepare a container with a layer of cooking oil to facilitate final demoulding.
  • Pour in the boiled hawthorn sauce and compact it with a shovel or spoon, so that there are no pores and bubbles.
    The final cut out is beautiful.
  • After being refrigerated for several hours, it can be directly demoulded.
  • The dicing or slicing is complete.
  • Hawthorn cake has the therapeutic value of eliminating accumulation, resolving stagnation and removing blood stasis.


  1. 600 grams is the weight of the hawthorn after pitting.
  2. Simmer the whole process slowly, don’t worry, making jam is a job that requires patience.
  3. It is best to use a glass pot or a coated metal pot, not an iron pot, otherwise the finished product will be dark red and black.

Kitchenware used: non-stick pan, boiling pan

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