Denmark shredded bag Making Tips

It may be a hand-pulled bread that you used to buy in a bakery. Please read the tips at the end of the article before making it.


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The practice of shredded bags in Denmark

  • t55 Flour, 180g, fresh yeast, 2g, salt, 2g, water, 117g, old noodles, mix and knead into a uniform dough, put it in refrigeration (above 5°) and ferment for 8-10 hours, about 3 times before use.
  • Mix all the ingredients except butter in the dough material, put it into the mixing tank of the chef’s machine, stir at low speed until there is no dry powder and form a dough, turn to 5 to knead until the dough is gradually smooth and slightly delicate, and add the softened butter.
  • Step 3 gradually knead the butter into the dough. Turn 4-5 steps and continue to knead until the strong translucent film can be pulled out.
  • Press the dough into thick noodles and put it into a fresh-keeping bag to freeze at minus 18 degrees for about 35 minutes.
  • Spread a little high powder on the operating table and beat the butter block evenly with a rolling pin. My room temperature is close to 20 degrees, and the hardness after a quick roll is just enough to be used.Then use a fresh-keeping bag or oil paper to roll into a square piece.
  • Take out the frozen dough and roll it out into a square twice the size of a butter slice. Make a gesture without uncovering the oil paper. The size of my butter slice: 20*28 cm. Roll out the dough size: 40*28㎝ with butter.
  • Pinch the seams tightly and press the ends slightly.
  • Roll it out and fold it in quarters for the first time.
  • Roll out along the long side of the dough sheet, pay attention to uniform force, and sprinkle high powder on the console to prevent sticking. The dough at both ends can be cut off if there is more white space, and the excess powder on the surface is anti-sticky and wiped off.
  • The two ends are folded inward at 1/4 and 3/4 of the dough respectively,
  • Then fold in half to complete the first four-fold.
  • Turn the direction of the first folded dough. Roll it out again in the direction of the arrow in the figure above and perform a 4-fold.
  • Sweep off the excess dry powder, fold the two ends inward at 1/4 and 3/4 of the dough respectively
  • Fold in half.
  • Put it in a fresh-keeping bag and freeze in the refrigerator for 10-20 minutes to shape.
  • Take it out and roll it out to a size of about 40*25cm. Divide, each with a width of about 5 cm and a weight of about 230 grams.Step 14 of how to tear a bag in Denmark Fold both ends inward respectively (leave blank in the middle as shown~).
  • Then fold in half.Step 16 of how to tear a bag in Denmark
  • Put it in the mold separately.
  • The temperature is 28-29°C and the humidity is 75% for final fermentation. Brush the egg liquid on the surface and decorate the almond slices.
  • Put it in the preheated air oven, 165 degrees for 23 minutes , please place the middle and lower level in the ordinary oven , and bake the upper and lower tubes at 190 degrees for 28-30 minutes.
  • After the furnace is released, the mold is shaken and then demolded and cooled.


1. The dough should be very, and pay special attention to adjusting the hardness. The butter slices must not be too hard, otherwise the dough will be harder when it comes into contact with a lower temperature, and it will break easily. Of course, it should not be too soft. 2. The final fermentation of the shaped dough should not exceed 30 degrees, because the butter wrapped in it will melt under high temperature. 3. If you have cut off the corners, you can freeze them for later use or make some other shapes. 4. If there is no fresh yeast, you can use 10 grams of dry yeast instead. 5. If a 6-inch mold is used, it is recommended to divide 320 to 350 grams of dough into the mold. It can also be made with paper mold or Chiffon mold, and Chiffon mold is coated with oil to prevent sticking. 6. If there is no t55 flour, it is recommended to replace the formula with: 350g high-gluten flour + 150g low-gluten flour

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