Belgian Rabbit Size Price All Details

Belgian rabbit is native to Belgium and is a well-known meat rabbit breed. The number of farmed rabbits in China is also relatively large. The appearance does not look pleasing, but the meat production rate is high. many. In Belgium, the price of high-quality rabbit skin is almost the same as the price of its meat. Rabbit meat accounts for the vast majority of Belgian total consumption.

In addition to domestic consumption, rabbit meat is also exported to the UK. Belgian rabbits export about 6,000 tons of rabbit meat to the UK each year, almost half of the current total production.

Scientific name: Belgian rabbit

Nicknames: giant gray rabbit, Flanders giant rabbit

Country of Origin: Beveren, Belgium

Characteristics: timid and docile character

Living Habits: Belgian rabbits like dry, strong adaptability, rough resistance Feeding

Appearance characteristics: Belgian rabbit coat is yellow-brown or chestnut-shell color, hair tip is slightly black, abdomen is gray;

Reproductive performance: reproductive power, 4 to 5 births per year, average litter size of 7 to 8 litters, lactation High, even growth and development of young rabbits;
Price: about 100 Dollars.

Body Details

Belgian rabbits are meat rabbits, so their size will be larger than that of ordinary domestic rabbits, especially adult Belgian rabbits, whose weight will reach 7~8kg. Belgian rabbits have a large amount of food and are not suitable as Domestic pets, so more Belgian rabbits are raised in the countryside as economic animals.

The coat of Belgian rabbit is yellowish brown or chestnut shell, the tip of the hair is slightly black, the abdomen is gray, there are irregular white circles around the eyes, and there are black shiny burrs on the tip of the ear.


The most important issue in the breeding of Belgian rabbits is disease prevention. For rabbits, prevention is usually more important than treatment. Some professional rabbit farms spend more energy on prevention, and When a sick rabbit is found, it will give up treatment immediately and bury it to quickly isolate the disease. How to Make Healthy Coconut Milk

Production performance of Belgian rabbits This rabbit belongs to a large meat rabbit breed, which has the characteristics of large body, fast growth, rough feeding resistance, wide adaptability and strong disease resistance.

Young rabbits are 6 weeks old and weigh 1.2-1.3 kg; 3 months old and weigh 2.8-3.2 kg. Adult weight: 5.5~6.0 kg for male rabbits, 6.0~6.5 kg for female rabbits, up to 7~9 kg.

Living Environment

Belgian rabbits are widely distributed in rural areas of China. Breeding Belgian rabbits usually comes in the form of a breeding farm. The most important part of building a breeding farm is the location and environmental arrangement. The following introduces it, suitable for building rabbit houses Environment and precautions for internal construction of the rabbit house.

The scientific site selection should choose a place with high terrain. The rabbit house must have certain heat insulation, away from the slaughterhouse, livestock market, animal product processing plant and transportation roads. It is best to build it 200 meters away from the main road.

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A relatively secluded place 100 meters away from the general road. There should be a distance of more than 200 meters between the rabbit farm and the residential area, and it is at the downwind of the residential area.


Belgian rabbits can follow two principles in the choice of food. The first is to ensure the comprehensive nutrition, and the second is to control the feeding costs. For economic rabbits, it is not as cost less as pet rabbits.

Farming, so many times the farmer will mix some fine feed according to the situation.The staple food of rabbits should be forage. For herbivorous Belgian rabbits, forage is an indispensable staple food for Belgian rabbits. Its high content of crude fiber, protein, and amino acids are excellent foods for Belgian rabbits.

The rich crude fiber can not only help the Belgian rabbit’s huge and long digestive tract peristalsis, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of diseases in the digestive tract, but also can play the role of grinding teeth, because the Belgian rabbit’s teeth are constantly in life Growing, so grinding teeth is very important for Belgian rabbits.

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