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8 Best Business Ideas to Make Money

Looking at these 8 best business ideas, you can start your side business while maintaining full-time work.

There are already many business ideas in the world, but it is difficult to come up with the right business idea that you should spend your time in.

In view of this, this article lists a comprehensive list of 8 best business ideas that you can start when working full-time to help you increase your use of proven ideas while maintaining your daily work and main source of income Extra income brings inspiration.

There will be 135 best business ideas in 2020 (while working full-time)

Now, the article starts with the first episode, let’s dive in.

【1】Start a blog

Think blogging is no longer a viable source of income? Best to think about again. Recent blog statistics show that tens of thousands of bloggers (including your blog) are creating profitable content for a variety of topics, such as scrapbooking, home cooking, travel, movies, lifestyle, personal Financial management, etc. The cost of blogging is not high, about $65/year. Due to the combination of email subscribers, affiliate marketing, blog sponsorship, and other sources of income, more and more people are developing their blogs into a six-figure business.

Start a blog

Your first step in starting a blog is to quickly deal with technical matters, and then both understand what your audience desires and learn how to attract online readers. If you want to speed up the publishing process of your blog, it is recommended that you build a fast, affordable and easy website hosting company, like Bluehost abroad or other good blog sites. Need to create a blog business plan and choose a simple WordPress theme.

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WordPress is a platform developed by using PHP Programming language. Users can set up their own websites on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases. Use these in your first article to set a precedent and prioritize your time to create content and connect with your audience. You also need to use the right blogging tools to develop your blog.

Once you can build a circle around your blog, you will want to invest in readers who really know you so you can give them more of what they want.

【2】Graphic Design

Although having a formal graphic design background is definitely helpful, it is relatively easy to learn from the basics. An increasingly easy-to-use Adobe Illustrator and easier-to-use tools, such as Visme, make almost anyone with two opposing thumbs, a little creativity and motivation, can earn extra income, such as sales can be printed to Some of the designs on the poster may be sold on platforms like Etsy. Or you can find a local entrepreneur, small business owner or photographer who can benefit from some additional help, such as designing or modifying pictures. Learn graphic design, sell your skills, and build a side business (plane).


But before you graduate from business creativity and start to make a living as a graphic designer, you need to develop your skills-it is recommended that you start by reading the basic books of graphic design. “Stealing Like an Artist” is an incredible book written by Austin Kleon on how to become more creative. To make you a graphic designer faster, check out online courses, graphic design basics and graphic design training camps. Then, once you are a craft expert, you can continue your education and provide more practical experience to high-value customers around the world.

【3】Web Design

Web designers are very valuable to technology companies, which is why becoming a freelance web designer is the most important business concept today. Web design is about mastering the arts and creating a beautiful, value-driven experience for people who use websites or applications. There are always new websites appearing that require professional web design. These will get you on the right path and quickly determine whether to be a web designer is one of the most viable side business for you.

Web Design

Then, you can enter more practical online courses, such as about creative modern web design. Freelance on Udemy will teach you from basic web design knowledge to earning your first freelance income as a web designer everything of. In addition, you can also participate in more courses and learning experiences, and get direct instructor feedback and personal guidance through platforms such as Treehouse and General Assembly to master this career path faster.

【4】Web Development

As a web developer, you will build very valuable skills, which have very high demands. In just a few months, you can speed up website construction through cheap or free online education projects such as Web developer training camps on Treehouse, Udemy, and codearcademy.


Once you have knowledge of HTML, Ruby, Python, Javascript, or CSS, you can begin to build your portfolio as a sideline with freelance work, and explain to clients how to design for them while you are still working full-time A new blog layout. Over time, you will build more relationships, have more experience, and eventually adopt these business ideas to become a full-time source of income.

【5】Online Courses

Using your skills for profit is a common trend of all the best business ideas. If you are an expert in a certain area, there may be a group of people who are willing to spend money to become an expert in your field, just like you. If you want to turn your skills into an online course and teach others how to achieve the same results in your life, career or business, then start with how to create a great online course on Udemy, at On Udemy, Miguel Hernandez is responsible for how to earn more than $90,000/year through online teaching. You will learn from more than 8 hours of video teaching.

Online Courses

If you want to find a profitable online course idea in the next 3 days, please join the free online course and immediately find a profitable business idea. It will guide you step by step through the process of online course sales exceeding $15,000 within a week. Once you are ready to start teaching your own online courses, I suggest you use the teachable, simplest and most affordable platform to create, host and sell your online courses. When you sign up here, they also have a lot of free educational resources on how to start creating online courses (even as one of the top business ideas).


Package your skills and knowledge into a downloadable e-book (just like you do with the best blog books) and provide value for those seeking to learn skills, career development or entrepreneurship if you target the right Audience, for many authors, this will be a powerful value output.


Take a class on CreativeLive, which will also show you how to use your existing work to write an e-book within the next week (you can even start with a simple blog post outline), if you have writing skills , Turn an e-book into one of the smartest business ideas you can execute. Put some serious work into your e-book, build a readership, you will have a platform to sell a book deal to traditional publishers, and then you can write a top-level business book and really build your personal brand .

【7】Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites of all time. Statistics show that there are more than 800 million active Instagram users every month. It can help business owners further expand their influence while creating brand awareness. Within a day, more than 60 million photos were published, of which 1.6 billion people liked these photos.

Create a follower on your Instagram account and you can quickly be contacted by major brands and other related businesses that sell products or services related to the type of content you share on Instagram, creating a variety of potential business ideas , These ideas will appear in front of you.

If you have the right marketing skills and hundreds of thousands of followers, you can easily charge anywhere from $500 to $5,000 per post (or more)-this is a very profitable business idea. In order to reduce the time to upload pictures, you can improve the efficiency of the entire workflow by uploading photos on Mac or PC.

【8】Online tutorial

If you have something you are good at and very passionate about, you can turn this successful combination into a one-on-one online tutoring service as one of the most reliable secondary business ideas to use your skills. Just make sure to implement your own opportunity management system so that you will not be attracted to customers that you cannot measure. Elmira Strange will give you a step-by-step plan to make your skills and experience work, develop an online coaching business, even when you are working full-time, as a sideline idea, so be sure to check out her Udemy course.

Online tutorial

In addition to the skills and experience required to become a successful online coach, another business philosophy is to build a circle around the help you can provide and build trust with members. In addition, members of your circles will learn from each other in this process. Creating a space for this community can be as simple as setting up a private Facebook group, or choosing a circle building platform like Slack, which has more features to use your own custom URL, internal forums, custom designs, etc.


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