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10 Real Ways to Make Money Online

Is it fun to make money with funny headlines? It’s not a dream to make 5,000 Bucks with monthly news

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more people are making money on the Internet. There are many ways to make money on the Internet, and there is always one suitable for you.

My recommends ten ways to make money online , let’s take a look.

1. Translation

If your own speech skills are relatively high, if you know the language of other countries, then you can make translations to make money at home , and the translation unit price is very high, you can go to major websites to take orders, usually translate about 1000 words The article can get hundreds of dollars.

2. Website Editor

Website editing is a very popular way to make money now. If you have a relatively high literary level, then you can write articles at home and provide them to major websites or media channels, and then they will give you a certain The amount of commission, the current market price should be 5 dollars 500 words. Sometimes even more for 500 words 20 dollars.

3. Professional Game Players

I don’t need much introduction to the game generation training. Many men may say that they love men and women who like to play games. It is not rare to make money at home after the game, and the profit of playing games is also very impressive.

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4. The website makes money

Use the website to make money, which is what we call webmasters. There are many websites, and there are many ways to make money.

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For example, local forums can receive advertisements to make money, information websites can rely on advertising alliances to make money, and online earning forums can collect VIP members to make money, and can also receive ads to make money.

5. Open a store Shopify/Amazon/Ebay

It can be said that by opening a shopify/Amazon/ebay store to make money, many, and many people make money by doing this. However, it is very difficult to do right now due to competition but nothing is impossible.

Online Opening store competition is too fierce now as compare to past, and some malicious bad reviews and malicious reports are common things, and there are also those who can’t sell fake shops.

6. Building a website to make money

It is generally the webmasters who come into contact with the Internet to make money, and building a website is also the fastest, most stable way to make money, and the most likely way to make big money. Sometimes you will find that almost everyone on the Internet has several websites, regardless of whether they make money or not, as long as they think it is good, they will do it.

7. Earn from Facebook

Facebook business has been very hot in the past two years, and both earn money and pay back. My Friend often ask me, how to do facebook business? Actually, I don’t know how to tell them. Youtube have a lot of tutorials on doing facebook business. However, the current micro-business is not formal enough, many of them are deceptive. Take the micro-business circle mask as an example.

8. Make money from media

At present, there are many forms of self-media, such as Facebook, blog, Youtube, etc. The only difference is the platform. What I am doing now is self-media. I not only have blogs, Facebook, Website, Youtube, I have also settled on many self-media platforms.

9. Do online tasks at home to make money part-time

That is, the website pays you to receive emails, do inquiries, try to register and read pages. Those websites that pay you to complete the registration usually make a surplus by making a profit.

10. Make games at home and practice part-time to make money

Online part-time game training is a reliable project, but it is more suitable for boys, especially for students who like and are good at playing games. Game training refers to helping other online game players to play games. According to the requirements of players, they can help them quickly upgrade the role of the game or obtain equipment and weapons in order to get the corresponding rewards, which is to help players reach the goal in the game. B state, to be a strong player in the game.


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